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How to use Mvc Installer

Now that you’ve gone through the setup process, which hopefully wasn’t too painful, you are now ready to install.

In order to install your Mvc application, you’ll need to deploy it to the server.  Once it’s deployed to the server, simply navigate to the “Install” resource in your browser by entering something like:

This will call the InstallController of the MvcInstaller assembly and display the view you copied into your Mvc Application.  The result should look like this, except your page should show your styling.


Look over the settings and confirm they are correct.  If for any reason you need to modify the settings, then simply modify the installer.config file locally, and then re-publish it to the server.  Then refresh this page to reflect the new settings.

Once you confirm that the settings are correct, click the “Install” button.  The page should look like this.


Notice the “Processing… please wait!” message where the “Install” button used to be.  Once the process is done, which is usually only a few seconds based on your connection speed, you will see the following page.


You’ll see a success message, or an error message.  If it’s successful, then the “Log On” link will appear and you will be able to log on immediately.

That’s it!  Your application is installed with the database and users.

I hope you find this useful and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the Discussions area.


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